There's a Jason engineered passive safety sign and post solution
for every situation.


Fully-frangible, energy-absorbing, passive-safety posts and masts.

Square-frame Jason Lattix features a patent profile that ensures the whole of its unique structure is
frangible and yields upon impact. Learn more.


Custom-engineered breakaway steel columns and posts.

For extra large advanced directional road signs, our custom-engineered, passive-safety steel breakaway columns and posts rigorously support signage under local wind load conditions, yet breaks at vehicle impact.


Frangible fluted aluminium poles and sleeves.

Designed for reliable and predictable impact performance, our frangible fluted-aluminium passive-safety signpost systems are engineered to support signage of up to 40sqm.


Spring-return flexible signposts and bollards.

We manufacture, supply and install a wide range of spring-return flexible signposts and bollards that recover to their original position and orientation, no matter which direction they are impacted from.