There's an Artcraft engineered passive-safety
sign solution for every situation.


Fully-frangible Lattix safety posts and masts.

Square-frame Artcraft Lattix feature a unique patent profile ensures that ensures the whole of its frangible structure yields upon impact.

When hit at any height, direction or speed, Artcraft Lattix tips over the impacting vehicle and falls closer to its original position. This incurs less damage to the vehicle and occupants, with a distinct lack of debris, thereby avoiding secondary crashes from following or oncoming vehicles.

Engineered from ‘soft’ aluminium Artcraft Lattix achieves three times the elasticity of the equivalent steel alternative and can hold up to a massive 62sqm sign.


Custom-engineered breakaway steel columns and posts.

For extra large advanced directional road signs, our custom-engineered, passive-safety steel breakaway columns and posts rigorously support signage under local wind load conditions, yet yield at vehicle impact.

Our passive-safety steel breakaway columns and posts are fully compliant with individual Australian State Authority standards and are customengineered to fulfil sitespecific circumstances.


Frangible fluted aluminium poles and sleeves.

Designed for reliable and predictable impact performance, our frangible fluted-aluminium passivesafety signpost systems are engineered to support signage of up to 40sqm.

Under impact, the fluted pole will bend and will ultimately shear from the lower frangible breakaway link point.

Featuring extruded cylindrical, corrosion resistant high-quality marine grade aluminium alloy in up to 6.5m lengths, they are fully compliant to Australian road standards.


Spring-return flexible signposts and bollards.

We manufacture, supply and install a wide range of spring-return flexible signposts and bollards that recover to their original position and orientation, no matter which direction they are impacted from.

They save on both the cost of vehicle damage, as well as replacement signage.

Utilising our unique Turn and Lock™ connection system, our springreturn flexible safety signs, posts and bollards offering strong wind stability and are available manufactured in both tough steel and budget weather-resistant plastic.